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Kepingan Kecilku

Tiny pieces of my world : :

1474th Day : Creative Writing Seminar
melet ...
Let me take a long deep breath...
If it's correctly counted, 463 days have passed since my last post.
Around a year and a hundred days of no blogging.

Even the reason I typed this as of right now was more because there's this seminar related to the creative writing class I took in this 6th semester. The speaker is a professional blogger and author in UrbanMama.com who likes to write about parental experience. She said each person has their own style of writing, depending on what books they like to read, what kind of environtment they live in, how their moods are at the moment of writing, and so many on.

It's easy to write your thoughts, is it? I often feel the struggle to form words that truly express what I'm feeling inside. And these past years, months, and days although I didn't touch my blog at all, I still did write (or try to) a fiction paranormal story which I published in a reader-writer biggest community site, Wattpad. I want to do some self-promoting, but to whom I'll promote it too. Basically this site sometimes can be my travel journal or my super secret diary (the later part is thanks to how secluded my journal blog in the virtual world). A visit or comment was rare occurence, but once some strangers managed to stumble upon here and drop by a comment or two.. know that it'd be most valued and welcome by this journal's not-so-discreet-again author (since I kinda mentioned the current school I attended and told about pieces of reality in my point of view).

Now I'm currently near my mid semester test which kinda made the next two weeks full of night-late work to finish all those deadlines (figures). But I could tell that my sleeping schedule became well-organized this past few months. Since I played this otome game (which also my first online game) and it required a regular date every 4-5 hours so I often awake around 4 hours straight since I last fell asleep and rarely got back to sleep again except if I was really, really tired.

Oh so before it kept getting boring and I still had some assigntment to finish today, I will end this entry for today. Hopefully it can be my first small yet steady stepping stone to start writing blogs again. I kinda missed those days when I would sit at my wooden study table and listened to the sound of wind coming from the fan in my room. Suddenly feeling nostalgic. Alright, see ya. Sorry no images to spoil the view this time.

Smile, and have a wonderful day~!

1011th Day: The So-Uncalled Shopping Time
oh wow
   Heyyaa~ it was past ten in the night around here when I was writing this, and I had been deadly tired-so-ready-to-pass-out at any moment although I still have one unfinished sketch for tomorrow's assistance on tomorrow's morning class by 7.15 am. Swell!

  Actually.. today's event wasn't uncalled for. It started when my friend, Rina, blurted out about her (and me) being stressed after running around to finish the applicative-typography poster ad project from early until 4.30 pm in the afternoon. Then we still have some mentor duty to look for our junior's test exercise (oh yes, I do have my own mentor, but now that I'm a sophomore I have my own juniors little group to guide to, tehehe). Right after that we planned to go to the nearest clothing outlets which has the 50% discount promo! Although I'm not usually the shopping kind of type girl, except seeking for books, I couldn't help being a little more excited at Rina's enthusiast to look for some new veils to buy! But turned out, after hours of walking back ford, circling around, fetching and trying some clothes; I was the one with the biggest bill to pay. Rina couldn't find the veils design she was looking for. It was already sold out since the first 50% discount release two days ago, maybe. She even almost didn't buy anything but a long denim-like motive dress with an unexpectedly smooth and light material in the last minute we got by the cashier.

  Oh, did I tell if I bought the same dress as her too? she recommended the dress to me first because the available size only fitted for my size. But I kept urging her to at least try, and looks like my attempt succeed. Now, we have a twin dress! (she always freaked out when I kinda reminded her about it, don't know why. She thinks I was 'alay' or 'embarrassingly overreacted'). I've jokingly promised her too to rarely wear it in any occasion in classes so we won't accidentally wear it on the same day. Hahaha.. it might be hilarious though.
  Alright.. it's almost 11 pm by now (wow took me long enough to write this. I kinda have some writer block in the first opening paragraph). I need to go to sleep, soon. Not with a little read from Rachel Morgan's series: The Hollows! I will also take a picture for the bags of clothing I bought tonight! and.. add a little peek over the recent picture of my study desk in my dorm room when I do my projects seeing I haven't attached any picture in my previous post, hehe!

So.. Good night! Have a sweet day to unravel tomorrow's mystery~ <3

P.S: As per usual, I would post this a day after tomorrow after I wrote this,
so don't freak out if I say 'Good Night' when the sun is still shining bluntly in the middle of day ;D

Want to see the bags I got after the shopping? Perhaps it's one of most epic clothes shopping I ever did since I've rarely been in one :P

the shopping bags

1007th Day : The Light of Understanding
blue rose
[One of those rare days..]
Today and two weeks ago are one of those rare days,
when it took me one year and half to write this journal..
No, to be exact, when it took me one year and half to stumble upon
this journal and decide to write again..
Since my last post, I've already stepped forward to my second year in college.
Meaning, I'm already a sophomore by now.
A sophomore college student majoring in Visual Communication Design.
*take a deep breath*

Apparently, after I took a deep breath, I sort-of abandoned the journal
for a few weeks before deciding to continue writing it again.
so here I am...

Today, Friday Night on December 13th 2013, I also happened to experience something that might lead me to steady my life paths.
Let's just say a little change or shift balance in some my perspective of 'life'. After few years of 'surviving', some months of 'struggling', and several days of 'feeling like losing my passions, my hopes, and my sense of life'; I have to thank those who keep sticking with me through those sometimes-hard-fun-chaotic moments.
To be honest, I didn't really know why I wrote the paragraph above, maybe after I found some new peacefulness in me today,
it kind of popping out in my mind right this second and I want to write it down in something to express them.
Not visualize them, alright. If I tried to visualize them, maybe I'd start of by describing:
how comfortable I feel-typing this journal by laying half-sleepy on my dorm bed then..
Okay, I think you got it.
Hmm-mm back to the first topic about me continue writing again. I initially wrote it 4-5 days before my birthday on November 29th if I remembered correctly (about the timing, not my birthday as if I'd forget my birthday anytime soon). But later, it turned out I wrote this right after 14 days passed since my eighteen birthday. What a shame, really.
Let's keep going on~
I realized it might be awkward at first when I start to write again (with blog, etc), especially those fiction stuffs which I highly addicted to. But I'll keep up with the pace and smoother my writing to be even far more BETTER! YES YEP I PROMISE TO MY SELF, I WILL XOXOXO
Could you guess what happen to me today? (Bet you couldn't C;) I tried to talk of about my self,
the problems I've long faced but yet to unsolved and kept bugging me these past years even until I reached my second year in college. Maybe I... I, kind of, blurting all of it out to my mentor (we have those scheduled groups 'with senior as a mentor' in college).
The more I talked, the more I began to realize the very situation of my own problems. I don't know, again, but it fells as if the answer (um, not exactly the answer, perhaps more like the 'light' of understanding) little by little come to appear right when and after I put my problems in words, directly or indirectly.

In today's case I did it in the directly way, but it made me remember when I once experience the same 'light' of understanding when I had a chat with one of my close friend about my 'unrequited' first love in the past which was still bugging my mind at that time. The second I finished describing the tale of my 'unforgettably heartbroken' first love, as in reflex, my mind seemed to pause a while to proceed what I've written and I got those 'Oh' feeling with a blow of relief in my heavy chest. Almost all the worry, the frustation, the agony, the wonder, the confusion I fell those several years ago for my 'first' love, kind of, flew away at that moment. Because somehow I was able to see a whole different new view of what was happening with me at that time.

I also began to realize, maybe it's not only me who got the worry, the frustration, the agony, the wonder, and the confusion.
Someone close to me was also hurt. I didn't have a thought about that fact before, I never thought.. then right after that moment, I believe I have forgiven the past and more importantly, my self. Finally, I was able to let it go. Before that second, I didn't know if it must be my self who kept holding and mourned my first love (no, he's not dead in real life, he just did in my heart). I think I've never fell so free in my teenager life.

Regardless, that's what I've just experienced again today. The problem I discussed wasn't about my romantic feeling, it's more focused in some perspective in my daily college life. Hoaaahm I want to sleep with a little read before. It's around 11 pm by now and I have a class in 9 am tomorrow. Ah, easy-peachy *snort* Oh Fera remember the poster assistance, the typography ad poster, the sur------
Okay, okay I surrender I won't easy-peachied them again=='

Jeezzzz, before I finished this journal let me introduce you to those 'morally diligent' sides of mine..--'

The Conclusion:

Alright, so... today I have some new-and-better perspectives life changing experience.
Beside giving me the 'light' of understanding,
it gives me more confidence and trust in my self.
It seems important especially when you're wandering 'alone' on your own in a part of this world.
Don't know what you want or what to do or what you need. Haven't found any place supposed to be or belong to.
Okay, the previous three sentences are completely based in what I feel and parts of a song titled 'A Place in This World' by Taylor Swift (perhaps that's why I like it very much because some of the lyric inspires and suits me just fine).
Umm okay, I was getting sleepier.. sleepier. I'd go sleeping, after a little read (couldn't help it, sorry).
Intinya, aku harap setelah besok bangun dari tidur ini, aku akan jadi lebih percaya diri, memotivasi,
dan giat berusaha meraih apa yang kuimpikan, kuharapkan, kucita-citakan. AMIN :)
P.S: I'd post these a day (not exactly, maybe some few hours) after I wrote it!
OK. Night, sleep tight.

P.P.S: I think I also began to understand some meaning behind the lyric
❝I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, Oh but life goes on..

505th Day : Here I am
melet ...
[Today, July 30th 2012]
Good Morning, all!
Oh, I was asleep last night after typing the entry for yesterdays's.
So I ended up post it today=__="
Well, here is it...

[Last night, July 29th 2012]

Hello, Good Night!

Fera’s here..! (yeah, of course)

Hey, yesterday was my first day to attend a schedule as a-freshmen-collages in the university building for ESQ training!

It was held for two days. Yesterday and today (28th-29th July 2012). Actually, I’ve thought that perhaps  I wouldn’t be able to write this journal because the ESQ training took almost 12 hours each day. It was kind of exhausting (even when I typed this). But it was enjoyable :D

The ESQ training’s theme is a ‘character building’ which was presented by the speakers with presentation format. In the middle of the training, we did some sort of team games too. The most exciting part for me was when I met many new friends from so many different faculties..

Ah, the ESQ training is divided into 4 periods, each period has for about 900-1000 attendants from the freshmen collages. I got the first period. At there, we weren’t distinguished as where the faculty we came from.. The freshmen were all mixed up based on the registration date.

Fortunately, Thanks God, I was able to find many new friends (24 people as I recall) from the same faculty as mine too in the first period :D I’ve met several of them from Facebook before.

Then, in the end of the ESQ training this evening, because it’s Ramadhan when we were fasting, suddenly we held the ‘opening-fasting event’ at the terrace in front of the university building^^

Now, here I am…  I live in Surabaya, separately from Gresik, my dear hometown. I didn’t get the chance to bring the camera with me, so I will post the picture of the university I attended from some sources :D


below is the university building used for ESQ training, started from today, the second period of the training BEGAN!!!

498th Day : My Return, Thailand Trip, and Drawing Tips
oh wow
I really miss Livejournal!

Last time I posted something here, I promised to write about my trip to Thailand with my father last year. I’m so sorry because I’d write it just today :(

I haven’t been writing for such a long time,
so perhaps it’d be awkward and there’s so many words as before at first.
But I hope, the pictures will be able to completely show my feelings :)

There’s lots of photos here! I hope you enjoy my four-days adventures in Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya city).
P.S: By the way, We got the holiday trip because we won some.. material-product’s lottery ;9

The first day: I took picture of the hotel where I stayed in with my father and the rest. There's some cute souvenirs and available facility there!!

The next day, we went to visit the imperial place!!

Inside the imperial place!!

Still inside the imperial place. The place is so awesomely wide!

Then, we headed to 'Sleeping Buddha' place which isn't so far from the Imperial Place

The next day, we were going to visit the market! There's the most highest building in Bangkok too! :D

Pattaya!! The beach and the souvenir shop with affordable price!

The next day at Thai Cultural Show House! Sadly, it's also the last day of the trip

Visiting the Nong Nong Noch Resort, the Garden, and the Gold Buddha Pattern!

Seconds before returning to Indonesia. I got a picture with our cool tour guides! I used some public facility in the airport to go online too ;D

That's all from The Thailand Trip.
Actually there's hundreds, almost thousand, photos taken.
But I managed to select it one by one to be posted here!
Thanks for viewing!! :D

Just a little notes to share, I got this from one of my facebook groups I joined!

It’s really interesting to try if you love drawing! ^-^ 

Check it out! Original link is here

Okay, so, that's all for this time. Hope to see Livejournal soon to write something again!! XD

P.S.S: By the way, now I'm no longer a senior high school student!
Officially, I'll be a freshmen next month^^

Writer's Block: Trivia Day
melet ...
Umm... 114?
and actually when I checked it on http://geography.about.com/cs/countries/a/numbercountries.htm
There was 198 countries in this world. WOW D:
Don’t cheat. Do you know how many countries there are in the world?

182nd - 235th Day : In the Past (Sub-of-Awake)
melet ...


Actually I just wrote this journal a few minutes ago and it... disappeared T^T uwoooo

Therefore, I decided to re-write (hiks..) it with downloading 07-Ghost manga chapter 75 in LJ :D *thank you so much miss_ink_wingsrenji_chan, and Ms. Ayumikat who worked very hard to do the scanlation.. I hope I can get the book also in Indonesia D:

At the previous post, I talked about the-plan-to-do before the 4 days holiday trip to Thailand, My father and I went there because we got a free gift from some company that acquinted with my father's job about :D

*but I planned to write the detail of the trip in the next post

Well,  back to during in the middle of September-October, many things happened (of course! according to every day what we passed) and popped out in my mind to be written here.

But I wouldn't bother my self to think the detail, Ya-Ha! xD

one of it was... I finished reading ALL the chapter of EYESHIELD 21 manga!!

it was really an amazing and inspiring manga I ever read, and it made me to cry also.

I read it because one day, in the early morning I watched some episode of the anime version (and accidentally, it was about the ultimate match between the main character team with the-number-one most rival team that I found out as the 2nd episode of the lastest before it ended).

I truly recommended this manga! ^o^

By the way, at my school day, there had many task (it's inevitable) because soon I would be a third year senior student and face the national exam before going to college.

And Thanks God, I passed the test to be the third senior student, however, the result of my test was the worst score I ever had :( haa.

but I wouldn't guve up that easily, yeah!! :DD I'll go to the college I want with the appropiate subject that will fit me the most! Amin!

One of the task that my teacher gave me several days ago was to review a book that contains many short-stories. Then, I picked up this book: Madre by Dee

the author has made a lot of books and songs (she is a sing writer too. Cool!)

I added it to my-to-do-list this week^^

Uhmm.. I also tried to join some competition to support my achievement goal to go to college, and it was one my favorite thing that I wanted to post here.

I joined a drawing competition for designing manga's character. Then, here are the two sketchs which was made by me xD

*I hope it won't affect the competition, especially, my-future-rival if I posted the sketch here, right?
Check it out!! xDD

umm it just a symbol I drew in the first page of some sketch book^^

Okay again.. I wish I will write soon again! I meant it! Haha, miss yhe LJ so much, especially you guys, my friends from LJ, and K-chan xploded_tb! Hihi.

Good Afternoon! 
*anyway, I got so many wonderful,elegant, and pretty pictures too during that time and a lot of experiences :)

123rd - 181st Day: Welcome Back^^
melet ...
Hello... It's pretty dark here since it's already 11 pm almost midnight time.

I didn't predict or plan to write my journal this early after such a long hiatus time,

I have no preparation what I will write here, however I already thought many ideas which run around in my head to be popped out quickly.

Umm.. it was almost... 11-16 weeks, maybe? since my lastest post on July 15th 2011,

I went through many things, especially RAMADHAN (Have you ever heard about it?): one of the months in Hijriyah Calendar (Moeslim's Calendar )when all the moeslim must be fasting in a month in order to have a war with their own desire and test during the RAMADHAN.

It's a special month not only because of the many good points that can be got easily in that month, but also an interesting fact (my opinion)


Lol . it must be some spirit that started to appear as my enthusiastic of the coming og this RAMADHAN month^^

After a month that full of test for us as the moeslim, we always celebrate it with LEBARAN Tradition. 

We go visiting our families, from a far or near relatives, apologizing-and-forgiving each other, and of course: present!! xD xD *kid mode on*

Present can be equaled meaning with "ANGPAO" , "THR" , or ......... ^____^

My school gave us, their students, 2 weeks holiday (FREE DAY!)..

To be honest, actually, I determined my self to study hard so I won't have any problem again in my lesson's subject,

but in the end  -______- I ended up reading manga online everyday in almost 2 weeks!! but in the last 2 days, I could do my homework

and finish some of them , hihihi x>

I want to meet the holiday again!! I have many things to do and accomplish during that time.

But also, I hope my daily day, just like today and tomorrow, will be good, better, and be the best in the entire of my life^^

Cheer up for EVERYDAY! GOOD LUCK for today, tomorrow, and later! KEEP POSITIVE THINKING :)

Good Night~ Sweet Sleep

Ah here, I put a cute picture, enjoy it, hihi, I made this as my profile picture on Facebook.
Such a beautiful-photognic photo x) Like it~~

the theme is the magnificient of Paris, especially the Eiffel. Here, I came with the night views too.. xD

Okay. Hyaa... That's all for today xD

96th - 122nd Days : The Three Weeks Holiday [and The First Week back to school]
melet ...
Hey GUYS!!
It's almost a month since my last post here...
I'm so sorry, I spent my 3 weeks holiday without opening my livejournal >__<

The first week,
(Actually, I waited for my 100th Day to be here, in Livejournal, but it seemed that I just passed it -__-)
well, I still went to school with several of my classmates who attended PTS (Practical Thinker Stimulation) that was made by Ms. Putri Rahmawati Hidayah (one of the almamater of Public Senior High School 1 Gresik; Now she is in Hogeschool in Holand, Amsterdam for her S1 and gets the S2 scholarship in Oxford University).

She came to our school every 7:00 am to train us to be a professional and change our mindset and learn to understand more about critical thinking.
In one week practicing, I gained many experiences that I never expected before!

I met my seniors, new friends, and went hang-out together to Grand City Mall in the other day (my presentation group won as the best presentation group, so my group could watch a premiere movie freely :D), then we went to Karaoke, and ended up in Asoka Restaurant for the dinner^^

And in the last day, we watched '3 Idiots' movie together and had a lot of fun with all the PTS members! xD
Such an unforgettable moment! I hope, what I got could be useful for now, and later; for me and everyone :]

The Second Week,
hummm... I spent my days with hibernating-sleep-time..
Uwaaa.... a week before was so tiring, but I enjoyed it!
So then, I was going to be crazy when the second week of the holiday started.
And sometimes I went to 'shooting place', with my classmates who had the scene. The movie project was about to finish. Soon! :)

The Third Week,

it was a village that took place in Kediri city, Jawa Timur, ID.
However, there were many English course (for private class or group, for holiday session and vacation session)!! XDD

I went to Pare with my two friends, Izzah and Karin.
We were accompanied by another friend from senior grades too!
And many things happened there!
Check it out the journey I wrote (although the writing looked vague and abstract) -___-

I made it when I got boring at the first day..
But something shocked me in the next days!! :))

The Journal from PareCollapse )

The fourth Week, as the first week at school again (Back to School)...

The first 3 days filled with MOS or 'Masa Orientasi Siswa' and it made my class had no class! xD
It also happened in the fourth day, because of the class-placement-announcement.
But today, the fifht day, this Friday, We started to have a class..
and Physic was the first one which showed up^^v


*) Psst..! I tried to write my plan-activity start from today!
Hihihihi... I'm sorry if my writing was....... :p

78th -95th Day : The Report and The Coming Holiday
melet ...

Today is coming! ^o^
I'm pretty excited to write this journal from very, very long day since the lastest journal.
I'm so sorry,
Nowdays, I almost felt despair and lost hopes, maybe it was a part of my transitition time?
When I'll be in the middle of my childern's part and my adult's part..
It also determines what will I be in the future, yeah?
(Ouch* My right-back-hand was a little bloody when I typed this)

Btw, today was a special day too!^^
it was the REPORT DAY!
My teacher gave the score of our in the periode of the semester,
and now I'm in the 4th semester in my senior high school! Yay~

For about almost 3 weeks ago, the semester test was started! and the next week, we had our remidial test for the subject which couldn't require the standart score for its subject. Therefore, it was similiar if we would have the repitition for the test (and it was really terrible + horrible!)--> Why?
because we need to study the same subject matter again and... I can say if 'remembering' wasn't my favorite, and Biology was my -Err??- how should I say it? the worst one (?) :p

Anyway, the report score for this semester a little (much) startled me. The worst subject that I guessed to have a very minimal score (according to my class's standart score which is 80. So, I assumed I would get 81 or 82). But!! in the fact, I got 83 for the theory and 90 for the practical experiment! Alhamdulillah~ XD
(However, it means that my score didn't change from the lastest report. But it's okay! I will do my best hardly in the next semester!)

And now is time for HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!
3 weeks Vacation!!!
the first week I decide to join some experiment record for critical thinking of student (the first class starts from 7am - 8.30am), then I will go to the shooting place (remember one of the scene that I ever posted here? the big-love-candle-light :D)..
I hope the shooting will finish soon and My classmate and I can go refreshing in the mall in Surabaya (the main state of Jawa Timur/East Java region)! It'll be FUN~ XD

the next week, it will be a free time, perharps, and the third week, Two of my classmate and I will send in exchanging student to Pare, Kediri! It's some place like a village society(?), but all of the member of the society speak english. So, we will practice our english skill at there. Wish it will be ENJOYABLE and USEFUL!!^^



Ehm, several days ago, I tried to photograph some my own drawing picture which created for fun, and I want to share it too XDD
*I uploaded it too in Facebook*

The first one, actually I made it when I was in junior high school.
It's AmuHinamori from Shugo chara and her guardian eggs :D

It's Sakura Nakahara form Lovely Days! I made it when I was junior high school also^^

There were my ilustration for one of my friend's story in the Facebook,
The first one is Mitsuki Kouyama from Full Moon wo Sagashite (from JHS too),

and the second, I made it several days ago XD

Thanks for viewing :D